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Best Way to Build Your Website for SEO

We have done a countless number of website analysis for various sites among the years. Our goal is to pinpoint onsite SEO edits and explain the changes required to rank higher. One of the most common problems we have encountered is the improper use of the CMS. We will breakdown the easiest way to rank in search engines from our experience.

  1. Install a WordPress CMS on a reliable web hosting server.
  2. Change your permalink settings to “POST” in administration.
  3. Install “all in one seo” or “yoast” plugin.
  4. Install “google xml” sitemaps.

WordPress is the easiest content management to use. We prefer to use it because it has been proven to work successfully and requires the least amount of training to use effectively as well as offering free plugins with a very wide support base.

Changing your permalink structure to POST means that you can use actual “keywords” in your URLs instead of the default random ASCII text of letters and numbers. Search engines seem to prefer keyword rich URLs over random ASCII text.

Installing an SEO plugin give you the ability to easily manage and edit your meta information. Meta titles of your homepage and inner pages is critical to ranking websites. You need to have a keyword accurate meta title for each page of your website.

Installing a sitemap plugin will quickly build your sitemap and automatically submit it to all the major search engines so your website will be quickly indexed and found.

Following the above main steps will ensure your websites ability to be found in search engines more readily and improve your success of ranking highly for SEO purposes.


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