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Duecoin: New Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency

DueCoin a new decentralized cryptocurrency.Duecoin (DUEC), completed its initial ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and expected to hit exchange in December 2017 . DUEC will be a new peer to peer cryptocurrency that promises faster transactions at almost no cost. Touted as being much safer and more secure than most cryptos, DueCoin uses a 256Hash security that is considered to be the safest and most secure system. Additionally, DueCoin has established its own wallet for even more security.

DueCoin is already working to establish itself with companies that will accept the crypto as payment for goods and services. Of course, the user will receive the anonymity that the cryptoverse has come to expect.

DueCoin also looks to establish an ICO marketplace where ICOs may work through a truly decentralized community-driven marketplace. The advantages include speed, security, low cost, inflation hedging, and greater acceptance. Also, the advantages include strengthening the market to ensure the success of ICOs.

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Written by: Mike Mikkola

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