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This FAQ is a work in progress. We will try to update this page frequently.

What can I expect from an SEO / website analysis?

The reason we analyze your website is to pinpoint the elements to help rank your site easier in search engines. We will basically notify you as to any edits we feel you should make to your website. You will have the opportunity to make the edits yourself with your web developer or we can help make the edits if required.

How long does it take to get my website to the top of page one?

This question is difficult to answer because there are hundreds of factors that go into ranking a website in a search engine. All we can do is execute our SEO blueprint and observe the results. Typically on average we notice positive results within 3 weeks. There is no bullet proof method to ranking quickly while keeping your position steady.

Do you offer any guarantees with your SEO service?

Unfortunately we can not offer any guarantees but we do promise to give our best efforts in executing your SEO campaign. Our track record of success is lengthy.

Why do you discourage trying to rank too many keywords?

Throughout our experience we find that the magic number sits at approximately 6 keywords. When we try to rank a dozen keywords or more it takes far longer to rank highly. Solutions to ranking many keywords would be the use of inner-page deep linking and categorized sub-domains.

Why not post your SEO rates and offer packages?

The reason we do not promote flat rates is because every industry has keywords with such a varying degree of difficulty. Some keyword phrases are very easy to rank for as the number of searches and competing websites are low. On the other hand there are very difficult keyword phrases with high competition. The greater the competition the harder to rank thus we need to place more effort and resources towards the target SEO campaign.

Why are some SEO businesses so expensive and some inexpensive?

The answer to this question depends on the structure of the SEO company and how they operate. Some SEO companies are expensive because they are re-sellers. In order to make a profit they would naturally have to increase the prices. Some SEO agencies are expensive because of the manpower required in executing an SEO campaign. Writers, bloggers, specialists, account managers, social media etc are all labour costs for an SEO agency. Some companies are very inexpensive because they may rely heavily on software as a tool in executing the SEO campaign (potentially damaging to a website). Some SEO companies have high overhead and some have low overhead. Many factors go into SEO pricing. It is our opinion that you should deal with an SEO specialist you feel comfortable with. Price does not dictate wether an SEO outfit is good or bad.

What is an SEO blueprint?

We use this term quite a bit because the truth is most SEO specialists have a blueprint which they follow in order to rank websites. SEO blueprints will differ. There is no perfect method to executing SEO as it really is an art in many respects. You can only become good at SEO through experience. There is no accredited school for SEO that is recognized by any search engine online. Trial & error, research and development and constant testing will eventually lead to a successful SEO specialist.