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Gerry Barja explains: SEO in Vancouver Importance

Gerry Barja is a digital consultant, web developer and SEO specialist.Search engine optimization services in Vancouver city have become more important to small businesses in recent years. The reason for SEO importance is because of the ever-growing popularity of both desktop and mobile searches. People have become researchers of product and service information online. Google has become the first go-to source for information when researching a company. Reviews of products, companies, and services have become the norm.

All internet searches have brought us to the critical first-page placement of a given search term. A first-page position is where the majority of organic traffic goes. Therefore it is mission critical that your business takes the top position for any given search query.

Vancouver citizens are an Internet technology-savvy group of people. Everywhere you can see people staring at their mobile phones from commuter trains and malls to street sidewalks. Running searches on the internet are natural to the Vancouverite. In order to keep your business competitive, you must possess a decent converting website which is responsive (mobile friendly in HTML5) along with an onsite SEO ready web presence.

If you are a small business owner and convinced of the importance of search engine optimization let me explain to you the process of finding the perfect SEO specialist in Vancouver BC.

Gerry Barja explains: Searching Out the Finest SEO Service in Vancouver

Since you require SEO, what better place to start than Google search engine?! This is the easiest part of seeking out an SEO specialist since it only requires searching out some major terms in Google. You always want to hire an SEO company that has it’s presence ranked highly in the search engines. What is greater competition there then SEO companies ranking among themselves? The proof of an SEO companies success is first witnessed by their ranking among their competitors. Begin your search with terms such as “seo in vancouver” or “seo services vancouver”. If you would like to find a more affordable service you may want to run searches such as “affordable seo vancouver” or “low cost seo vancouver”. These terms are all you need to start your search.

This brings you to the next step of review. The highest ranking company does not always mean the best bet. You should begin viewing each and every SEO company website and contact them individually. You want to request a quotation from them. All you need to do is submit your domain name and some keywords you wish to rank for.

Upon receiving all your quotations you will then want to compare the services offered along with the cost. the most popular sales model are subscription based. This means there will be a monthly charge for the SEO service. You must examine the number of keywords they will rank you for and the type of SEO work they will do. You may also want to request ranking updates and even backlink updates as to what backlinks were created. It takes a skilled eye to understand what a good backlink versus a spammy backlink.

Upon review of the various SEO companies in Vancouver, you may also want to seek out reviews and request references with examples of positive past SEO campaigns to help in making your decision.

Some finer details that may vary when comparing SEO companies in Vancouver.


  • The number of keywords that an SEO specialist will target. Five to six keywords are typically the average amount.

Setup Fees

  • Some SEO companies charge for setting up an SEO campaign and some don’t.

Full-Service SEO

  • Some SEO companies will want all your login credentials to your website and server to make changes and edits in your administration such as creating a webmaster tools account. Adding and editing onsite content including images, article, and video. Also meta tag and description editing. The cost of full-service SEO is typically higher If an SEO company does not offer full service they should consult you on edits required to rank easier.

Campaign Duration

  • Some SEO companies will want you to lock into a minimum amount of time such as 3 months or six months. SEO takes time and because of this, you should be prepared to invest some time and money. Locking into an SEO campaign can also be a negative experience if the SEO specialists do a bad job. You obviously will not want to continue. The other solution is to pay month to month.

The steps above are just a general outline of seeking out an SEO company in Vancouver. We certainly hope it helps. Good luck.

Gerry Barja is a digital consultant for VancouverJump with lengthy experience in web development and SEO. You can read some of his articles at Medium.


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