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Secret Behind Reputation Management

Have you ever wondered how SEO companies or reputation management companies remove negative information on the internet?

There are basically two processes which can remove the information.

  1. Push down
  2. De-indexing

A push-down process involves outranking a negative inner page by using positive website pages to outrank it. This involves many positive SEO campaigns on as many as 9 website pages. The process is tedious as it requires the right combination of authority backlinks to push up the rankings of target web pages up thus pushing down the negative web page. The process is difficult as you are always at the mercy of a search engines algorithm primarily Google.

The second process is de-indexing. This is very costly as it involves an attorney. An attorney will contact the legal department of the target company website with a request of removal of a specific page. This process is void of SEO skills and requires a lawyer.

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