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The Most Basic SEO Techniques To Start With

SEO can often get quite complicated for the beginners. They even get intimidated with the large number of tasks to be performed by them to maintain activity on their site and the fact that SEO trends keep changing every now and then also makes them feel overwhelmed. However, if you are a beginner, you can stop thinking about these fears and focus more on strengthening your basics. This shall help you a lot in making sure that you are getting the best that SEO has to offer.

Look for title tag optimization- this is probably the first thing that you will do in order to make sure that your SEO techniques are going in the right directions. All the web pages bundled in your website will come with unique title tags. Always remember that your title tag shall never be more than 70 characters when counted with spaces. In these 70 characters, you have to include the brand name as well as a relevant keyword. It will make the tag very relevant and often intriguing as well. Do not stuff keywords in the title tag and make sure that it looks readable and goes in a smooth flow.

Go ahead with Meta descriptions- the second thing that you have to do is work with the Meta descriptions. They should hardly be 150 to 160 characters in length and they must definitely include the keyword phrase as well. Keep the page summary as brief as possible and also make sure that you don’t keyword stuff it. Though many people suggest that the Meta description SEO techniques are dead, the truth is that they are still included in the search result snippets and can hold a lot of value for the page too.

Headings should be keyword rich- this is another one of the basic SEO techniques that you should be using for sure. The headings for all the pages must be rich in keywords. The heading is what decodes the rest of the content of your page. If you really want to improve the value of SEO of your page, then you must start including some H1, H2 tags in your page. These heading tags include all the target keywords and phrases of the content. The search engines are really very fond of such content and headings. It would be providing a visual relief without overdoing any SEO techniques for the website. Plus, your website will look more balanced in this way.

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