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Trend To Increase Digital Marketing Influence

Trend To Increase Digital Marketing Influence

With the rise of online stores and advancements in e-commerce website design and planning, companies of all industries are looking to increase their digital presence and cater to shoppers through convenient channels. True, there are still opportunities to reach customers via traditional marketing channels such as print and television, there is a growing trend and demand for digital marketing campaigns such as social media, mobile marketing and e-commerce SEO marketing strategies.

Influence of Digital Marketing

A recent study from Best Practices LLC revealed nearly 80 percent of digital marketers in a variety of industries plan to have increased budgets in 2013 and 2014 to support more complex campaigns and staff working on e-commerce SEO marketing activities. To ensure the resources and manpower being allocated to e-commerce website design and SEO marketing efforts are being managed properly, many teams are developing best practices to support the digital presence domestically and abroad. Companies are looking to increase growth and consumer reach while staying within budget through efficient e-commerce website design strategies.

Next month, a group of leading marketing experts are holding a consortium to address key issues and trends in the online realm. When launching an e-commerce SEO marketing campaign and other online efforts, experts recommend marketing teams consider three questions to build a successful team and digital platform:

  • How can digital marketing efforts be implemented and supported throughout the organization?
  • How can digital marketing efforts align with company objectives for higher returns?
  • What professional attributes are important for digital marketing professionals?

Mobile Marketing on the Rise

Just as companies are becoming familiar with the online space, customers are transitioning to making purchases on mobile e-commerce website designs, increasing the demand and opportunity for mobile marketing campaigns. Marketers cannot deny the importance and potential value of tapping into the mobile commerce environment, thus funding and manpower allocated to mobile marketing is set to rise in the near future.

Data from Juniper Research predicts mobile marketing spending will reach $55 billion annually by 2015, nearly double the $28 billion expected to be allocated in 2013. The increase in mobile projects for an e-commerce SEO marketing strategy is in response to a growing mass tablet market and proliferation of smartphone usage worldwide, particularly in North America and Western Europe. Mobile commerce options give shoppers added convenience when purchasing on the go, and mobile marketing strategies reach out to tech-savvy consumers for more direct interactions and opportunities for increased revenue streams.