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Work With XCart During The E-Commerce Web Design Process

The e-commerce website design process is a very important step in the creation of a successful online presence for a company in any industry. While there are many options for brands entering the online retailing sphere, working with a reputable e-commerce website design company and software suite is of the utmost importance. The way a e-commerce web design presents a company to the online consumer base can be the difference between a lucrative digital platform and a barely visible presence.

One thing to look for when selecting solutions for an e-commerce website design is a software suite with numerous options and plug-ins that come at a fixed price and are able to be scaled to up as the business grows. Many retailers will start their e-commerce website design plans on a small scale, testing the waters to find the right combination and best practices to attract target consumers. As business continues to take off, many stores will add on new features and capabilities to the e-commerce web design for a more convenient, user-friendly experience that makes online shopping easy for all demographics of shoppers.

The X-Cart Advantage

Any solid e-commerce website design has numerous products involved in making the platform easily accessible for shoppers and a lucrative business extension for retailers. The X-Cart suite offers the basic ecommerce tools, resources and formatting to equip an online store, as well as unique features to drive efficiency and user satisfaction.

Every e-commerce website design has a shopping cart feature that keeps track of items a shopper wants to purchase. These shopping carts can be as basic as a list of items to more sophisticated platforms that list previously viewed items, list suggested items to consider and even contact shoppers via email when they abandon shopping carts without completing a transaction. Many e-commerce web designs fail to offer these advantageous features that not only keep the customer abreast of available products they may be interested in but also help retailers convert abandoned shopping cart rates into increased sales and repeat purchases.

The X-Cart products also include multiple shipping options to add convenience for all types of shopping preferences, flexible payment options and a system of automated invoicing and email notifications. Shoppers who create an account with the e-commerce web design will receive email notifications on specials, abandoned carts or product recommendations to make them feel valued with personalized marketing tactics. There are also various security features to ensure shopper information is protected from hackers and external threats when completing transactions.